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Christ can

liberate... heal... rescue... deliver... unchain... redeem...

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, The “Dynamic Deacon”, is coming to Seton!

January 9 & 10, Monday & Tuesday. 9am and repeated at 6:30pm each day. Monday’s talk: “Staying Awake in the Woke Culture” and Tuesday’s talk: “Catholic Families, The Model for a Culture of Love & Live” Both talks in the Church. This is a free event!

We receive God’s love and mercy when we repent of our sins.

Daily and most weekend Masses are live streamed on YouTube [here] and available for viewing afterwards. Seasonal Mass times, Holy Days of Obligation and information on Reconciliation can be found below or by subscribing for reminders via our e-newsletter [here]. Our newsletter is generally once per week and we do not share your information.

Winter Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigils
4:30 PM in English
6:30 PM en Español

Sunday Mornings
7:30, 9 & 11am (English)

Daily Mass
8:00 am Monday through Saturday


Tuesday Evenings from 6:00-6:45pm
Saturdays from 3:00-3:45p (English)
Sabados de 7:30pm -8:00pm (Espanol)

Holy Days of Obligation Masses
4:30pm on the vigil
8am & 7pm (bilingual) on the Holy Day

Fr. Casey’s Homilies
Fr. Casey’s homilies are streamed during the Masses, but can also be seen as standalone videos on a separate YouTube playlist [here].

Engage with St. Elizabeth Seton. There's a place at our table for everyone.

Streamed Masses

Streamed on YouTube weekly, with Father's Homilies as separate videos.

Prayer Wall

Request prayers for your personal intention here. You WILL be prayed for.


Join the majesty and family that is the Catholic Church. Become fully Catholic!


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Welcome to Seton!

Come, worship with us. Participate in the holy sacrifice of the Mass!

Can I bring my children?

Yes, absolutely! Nurturing the faith of all life, Seton loves children!

God’s Mercy in Confession

Even the most private of sins affect our relationships with everyone. Come and experience grace.

Our biggest ministry…

It’s our school! No student is turned away if they desire a Catholic education.

How do I become Catholic?

Get baptized. Start the process. We welcome everyone. It’s never too late.

Faith without works?

Ministry abounds here. Get involved in outreach. Serve at Mass. Grow in your relationship with Christ.

Connect. Engage. Pray with us.

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Luz Hansen


"Father Casey’s homilies are incredible and so applicable to our daily lives. I love that he teaches the truth of our Church. The people that work at the office are very kind and welcoming."

We challenge our flock to grow in Christ.

John McGuire


"Father Casey is a breath of fresh air. If more priests were like him you would need to build more Catholic Churches."

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